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Product Code Description Qty Price Pack Unit Qty Price Unit
BTC-TRE0568-1PH Big Red H/D TRE0568 Single Phase Tyre Changing Machine $4970.00 EACH
BWH-EPZTAE22118526A EnduroPolish 11.75 x 22.5 US 10-26 Bolt 120 Offset Alloy $650.00 EACH
BTC-TRE0598-3PH Big Red H/D TRE0598 3PH Tyre Changing Machine $5970.00 EACH
BTY-POWERP-11R POWER PERFORM 11R22.5 On/Off Highway Drive Tyre $215.00 EACH
BTC-RLM-201S RLM 201S Tyre Inflation Safety Cage Fully Certified. $3080.00 EACH
BTY-BALANCEBEAD-10 Tyre Balance Beads 10 OZ $9.09 EACH
BWH-ZTAE22118526AO 11.75 x 22.5 x US 10-26 Bolt 120 Offset O/Side Polish $375.00 EACH
BTY-BALANCEBEAD-12 Tyre Balance Beads 12 OZ $10.91 EACH
BTY-TRACPRO-11R TRAC PRO 11R22.5 Trailer Tyre by PowerTrac $199.00 EACH
BTERG-RT-5278K Rotake 1/2" H/D Air Rattle Gun 635 ft lb. $129.00 EACH
BTERG-T34A01B2-B Taitian Rattle Gun 1180 Ft/Lb Includes 32 & 33 mm Sockets $180.00 EACH
BTY-R150J-2958022 B/Stone R150 295/80R22.5 Steer Tyre Jap Made Incl 12oz B/Bds $505.00 EACH
BTY-POWERT-11R Power Trailer 11R22.5 Trailer Tyre $179.00 EACH
BTY-MULTIZ-2958022 Michelin Multi Z 295/80 Steer Tyre Incl 12oz Balance Beads $573.00 EACH
BTR-YQ85AMT Findlay 8 x 5 ATV/Bike Trailer $1271.82 EACH
BTY-POWERC-2958022 Power Contact 295/80 Steer Tyre. Incl 12oz Balance Beads $272.00 EACH
BTY-HSR2-2958022 Continental HSR2+ 295/80R22.5 Steer Tyre Incl 12oz Bal Bds $570.00 EACH
BTY-RLB1-11R Double Coin RLB1 11R22.5 Drive Tyre $349.00 EACH
BTY-Z35A-11R Hankook Z35A 11R22.5 Drive Tyre $345.00 EACH
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