Findlay H/D TRE0568 Tyre Changer
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Findlay H/D TRE0568 Tyre Changer

Findlay H/D TRE0568 Tyre Changer [BTETC-TRE0568]

$4970.00 plus GST EACH

Product Details

Semi-automatic truck tyre changer. Single or Three Phase for same price. Universal self-centering chuck. Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation of chuck. Rim capacity 14"-26". Take the hard work out of tyre fitting with Findlay

Includes tyre levers. Includes Alloy Wheel Protector Kit. Fully tested and tagged by licensed electical contractor. Fitted with Heavy Duty Australian 15A plug. Machine weighs 570 KG Net. Maximum wheel weight 500 KG. Maximum wheel width 780 mm. Maximum tyre diameter 1600 mm. Shipping crate size 2030 x 1600 x 1000 mm.

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