Tyre Balance Beads 10 OZ
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Tyre Balance Beads 10 OZ

Tyre Balance Beads 10 OZ [BTY-BALANCEBEAD-10]

$6.00 plus GST EACH

Product Details

Quality Balance Beads in 10 OZ Pack. Ideal for 11R22.5, 275/70R22.5 and other similar drive and trailer tyre sizes. Improve your tyre wear performance. Lower your tyre operating costs with these premium balance beads.

SUPAMAX DYNAMIC BALANCE BEADS PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS FOR ALL 4WD, LIGHT TRUCK AND TRUCK TYRES: Less vibration Smoother ride comfort Reduction in suspension wear and tear Reduction in airbag/axle flex Eliminates irregular tyre wear (eg. tyre cupping & scalloping) Eliminate wheel and tyre balance issues completely But most beneficially - they provide a significant increase in tyre life...

Further Info

Click here for Balance Beads Brochure http://bit.ly/BalanceBeads